SLIMBAR FLAT IC RGB RDM (individual control)


SLIMBAR FLAT IC RGB, an ultra small form factor LED LINEAR BAR with IP67 rating protection. Suitable for architectural lighting, visual effects and light games.
SINGLE PIXEL control to obtain astonishing effects. To drive SLIMBAR FLAT IC use SPI Driver.
Available in 2 different measures, 100cm. and 50cm.

• Fixture colour finishing is grey.

Additional information


– n. 24+24+24 Red, Green, Blue LEDs (n.12+12+12 for 50cm.)
– Lumen: R 400, G 800, B 150 (R 200, G 400, B 75 for 50cm.)
– Total light power: 25W (13W for 50cm.)


– 120° no lenses
– Optional: milky diffuser


– Manual 160°


– n.72 Channels (separate channel for each color)


– n.2 connectors 5pin IP 67 (male-female) cable 40cm.
– Possibility to link up to 7 devices in chain

Setup and configuration

– To drive SLIMBAR FLAT IC use SPI Driver


– IP 67

Power consumption

– 35W (18W for 50cm.)

Power supply

– This fixture has to work with dedicated Power Supply


– WxDxH: 1000x35x40 mm (dimension of profile)
– WxDxH: 500x35x40 mm (dimension of profile)
– Weight: 1 Kg. or 0,5 Kg.


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