The stainless steel TERRA range, with its IP67 protection rating, includes LED in-ground lights suitable for outdoors installations with an high light output to create vivid colors or monochromatic sets.
• TERRA WL3 is available with 3 monochromatic LEDs (warm white, neutral white, cool white, red, green, blue). Can be used to decorate columns, pillars, along walkways, on patios, in steps, to highlight and to landscape details and key elements.

Additional information


– n.3 LEDs
– Total out lumen: 2100lm
– Total light power: 15W


– medium beam (45mm lenses)
– On request: wide and narrow beam lens

Electric features

– (this fixture has to work with dedicated power supply)


– IP 67 recessed driveway
– On request IP68

Operating temperature

– -20°C +40°C


– housing and trim ring in stainless steel
– thermal-shock resistant tempered safety glass


– DIMENSIONS: ø 190 x 47,5mm – ø 190 x 82mm (model with power supply on board)


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