Stadio 288 RDM (Monochromatic)




288 high power NICHIA NVSW319 to have more than 100.000lm with consumption of 700W and an efficiency of 140lm/W.
Flicker-free operation with 10-100% smooth dimming controllable from both DALI, DMX-RDM.
Microprocessor controlled thermal system.
IP66 rated.


Innovative floodlight with dedicated optics that ensure maximum optical efficiency and enable accurate light distribution with a minimum of spill light.
Light can be dimmed/controlled according to actual need, significantly reducing energy costs up to 65% in area lighting applications.
Minimized maintenance costs thanks to long-lasting LEDs and the luminaire’s thermal management system, as well as its reliable IP66 driver box.
Precisely controlled light distribution.
Fully controllable by DMX-RDM and DALI to enable maximum energy savings.
Unique quality of light with flicker-free operation suitable for HDTV broadcasting and super slow motion.


• Standard fixture colour finishing is grey.


• Optional: Barndoor and Anti-glare.

Additional information


– 288 high power NICHIA NVSW319
– Expected lifetime: 50.000 hrs
– Color temperature: 5750K (on request 3000K, 4000K)
– CRI: >75 (on request >80 and >90)
– Efficency: >140lm/W
Max power on LEDs: 640W
Total out lumen: >100.000 lm


– PMMA 8N and ultra white tempered glass
15° lenses
– On request: 30°, 50° – 120° (without lenses)


– Manual 360°


– Dim Control Interface DMX-RDM and DALI
– On request: plug-in


– Fixture with 2 heads and separate or on board IP67 power supply including aluminium box.

Setup and Configuration

– DRS on DMX-RDM version, DALI
On request: plug-in

Rating Protection


Environment and Thermal Management

– Convention cooling
– Progressive thermal protection managed by digital sensor
– Operating temperature range: -40°C to 50°C
– Operating temperature range: -40°C to 40°C without digital thermal management connected.
– Storage temperature range: -40°C to 80°C
– Thermal protection: digital sensor progressive thermal protection+Thermal Switch
– Metal anti-condensation valve

Power Supply

– Surge Protection line-line and line-earth 10KA@8/20μS, 10KV
– Voltage range: 90-305VAC
– Frequency range: 47-63Hz
– Active Power Factor: PF>0.95@230V
– Current: 3.1@230V, 6A@120V
– Power consumption: 700W max


– WxDxH: 820x180x455 mm
– Weight: 21 Kg