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3D Content creation with HYPERVSN 3D Studio is so simple you could do it with your eyes shut. Included with all Solo packages, this proprietary software is an integral part of the HYPERVSN System. Here you are the Designer. The best part is, you don’t need any specific design skills, or have to hire a 3D holographic video maker. One click. Professional designs. Cut content costs, not quality.

HYPERVSN 3D Studio’s signature features:

  • Seamlessly integrated within the HYPERVSN platform.
  • Instantly transforms 2D images into hypnotic 3D visuals.
  • Contains editable 3D templates for all of your 2D assets.
  • Animates visuals with 3D effects: titling, rotation speed, etc.
  • Allows for the effortless preview of completed content.
  • Adds customized text in any language & color.


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